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Our Team





Founder and Financial Advisor

Mark Keene's HeadshotMark was born and raised in Wichita, KS. His father was a successful surgeon and his mother was a nurse. At 17, Mark’s world was turned upside down when his father died suddenly of a heart attack. In the months and years following his father’s death, Mark learned the importance of a sound financial strategy. Despite his father’s success, there was no financial strategy in place to ensure the family’s continued health after his income was lost. Mark’s family was put into a tailspin of financial insecurity on top of their grief. His mother had to return to work full time and Mark, a 17-year old high school senior at Wichita Collegiate, had to work to pay the remainder of his and his little brother’s tuition. After high school graduation, Mark worked his way through the University of Kansas and received his B.A. in 1993.

The toll that was taken on Mark’s family generated in him a strong desire to help others avoid what they went through; the idea for Keene Insight Financial Strategies was born. Mark reviewed his father’s financial files and found that he had a banker, an attorney, an accountant, a stock broker, and a life insurance agent. He had multiple products from all of these professionals, but the products did not work together and did not solve the problems that were suddenly created when he died. In his continued research, Mark discovered that the industry standard is sometimes to sell products instead of forming comprehensive plans that address financial problems. The goals of Keene Insight Financial Strategies solidified: to help people become as financially healthy as possible. That goal is what sets Keene Insight Financial Strategies apart from other advisors.





C.O.O. and Registered Assistant

Nick Engle's HeadshotBorn of a nurse and a CPA, Nick has always enjoyed the fusion of assisting people on both a human and technical level. While trying his hand in different industries during college, Nick noticed a common problem of businesses putting numbers ahead of people. Ever since, he has been focused on providing a Service First philosophy to all clients.

Nick joined the financial services industry in September of 2013 with the philosophy of “do the right thing no matter what" and began receiving industry accolades.  In July 2016, Nick was blessed that his philosophies and professional success were enough to entice Mark to invite him to join Keene Insight Financial Strategies. Since then, Nick has enjoyed being a valued leader and team mate, continuing to help clients by providing quality service.