Our Clients

Our Clients


Proud To Serve Clients

From Around the Country

Based in Kansas, the team at Keene Insight Financial Strategies is proud to serve clients across the U.S. Over the last 20 years, our business has grown domestically by word-of-mouth referrals. If you're interested in meeting with us to discuss your needs, or get a second opinion on your current financial strategy, we'd love to talk to you. Some of the clients we work with are detailed below.



Many financial firms say they work with doctors. At Keene Insight Financial Strategies, we strive to understand the intricacies of their occupation and help them avoid many of the pitfalls unique to physicians. We also help them navigate the tax environment that many of them face in saving for the future. One of our clients has referred to us as "the doctors that doctors call when their money is sick."


Business Owners

Owning and running a business involves a variety of inherent risks. Through insurance and financial strategies for business owners both large and small, we help companies mitigate these risks. These strategies are designed to help attract and retain quality employees, protect owners and key executives, reduce overall risk to the company, and create succession plans for business continuity.



Being based in the Midwest, we have become well versed in helping create unique strategies for farmers. Unlike any other occupation, farmers need flexible strategies to help reduce risk, help address tax* concerns, maintain cash flow, and preserve the family business.

*Neither Keene Insight Financial Strategies, its employees nor Woodbury Financial Services, Inc. (WFS) or its affiliates and representatives render tax, legal or accounting advice. Please consult your professional advisors regarding your particular situation.


Individuals and Families

While we are not a convenience store broker or insurance agent that you find on the corner of every other intersection, we are not exclusive to a certain net worth, income, or occupation. Our Company’s commitment is to help everyone become as financially healthy as possible.