Unconventional Approach

Our Unconventional

Makes Us

Much like a doctor performing a yearly check-up, our system is built around annual financial physicals to determine a client’s financial health. Unlike most firms that spend all their time trying to sell prospective clients a product or service, at Keene Insight we approach finance like a physician. We are committed to our process and helping our clients become as financially healthy as possible. Whereas many firms have clients that they have sold a product only to never speak to them again, we attempt to contact every client every year for their annual financial physical.

How People
In Our Industry
Get Paid

Oftentimes we are asked the question, "How do you get paid for this?" and our answer is different than most other financial professionals. The answer falls back to the idea of treating us as your 'financial family practice doctor'. You may come to us for a checkup or for a problem, but you’re only going to pay us if we are able to fix it. Many of our peers are paid hourly, regardless of what they're doing for you, but we don't believe in following this model. We get paid one of two ways:


If you need something, and we can solve that problem for you, then you may pay a commission or fees for our solution. Basically, we have prescribed something that solves your problem, and we're receiving compensation from that.


We believe this is the most important way that we receive compensation for our services: we expect our clients to become advocates of what we do. Don't keep us a secret! Tell people about how we've helped you, and you've then paid us ten-fold by trusting us with your family and friends.



At Keene Insight Financial Strategies, we have developed an easy to understand one page document to help clients improve their financial strategy. We look at our financial pyramid as a stoplight. If an area is red you have a problem that needs attention. If an area is yellow, there is not a problem right now, but there is potential for one in the future. If an area is green, then you are doing exactly what you should be doing, and we will help monitor your ongoing progress.

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